What is the AHS? ( Animation|2017)

Animation for US Census Bureau / American Housing Survey

This summer the Ascender team proudly produced an short motion graphic / animated video for the US Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the US Census Bureau’s ‘American Housing Survey.”

The Survey is conducted in residences across the United States to collect data on how we live, average size and characteristics of our nation’s housing supply.

The project had a immensely short turn-around but we were up to the challenge!

ACRIA PSA series feat. Legendary Dionne Warwick

ACRIA PSA Series featuring the legendary activist, singer-Songwriter, and Dionne Warwick

Executive Producer: Deborah Levine (ACRIA)
Senior Producer / Director: Paul Grant
Producer : Tracey A. Grant
Director of Photography: Yul Sean Simmons
Post-Production & Motion Graphics: Ascender Communications, Inc.
Client: ACRIA / Black Women’s Health Imperative

The Family Block Party | Animated TV Spot (2016)

Animated 30-second TV Spot for an annual community health fair in Denver, Colorado.

Demo Reel

Spring 2014 is here.  That means we are just nine months away from our 10 year anniversary. TEN YEARSof traveling the globe to tell amazing stories for so many of our amazing clients. So we paused to put together this fun demo of our video production work.  Remember the format wars?  Remember when 36megapixels  and ANYTHING 1080P would cost you almost $30K? Remember when HD cameras were not for sale at Best Buy? Or, on your flip cell phone?  Or, when nobody cared about your manual DSLR prime lenses sitting in the closet?  Yeah.... that's how ten years can shake up an industry.

This video showcases an amalgam of our camera work, art direction, 2-D & 3-D motion graphics, animation, editing and it includes samples from our commercials, documentaries and dramatic features that were shot in SD + HD Formats, between 2004-2014.


US Coast Guard Recruitment Campaign (2012)

'This Is How I Serve'

This year,  Ascender  joined forces with the talented team at Washington, DC-based communications firm Penn Good & Associates to produce a series of :30-second commercials for the US Coast Guard.  The campaign targeted women and returning veterans--offering an peek into a typical day in the work  life of USCG civillian employee. See the full video campaign below:

Senior Producer / Director: Paul Grant
Producer : Tracey A. Grant
Director of Photography: Derek J. Allen
Second Camera: Sean Simmons
Hair/Make Up:  Christin Birkhead
Production Coordinator: Joshua A. Washington
Video Production & Animation: Ascender Communications, Inc.
Agency: Penngood, LLC
Client:  U.S. Coast Guard